Movies Coming Out in Denver, CO March, 2011

Among the list of movies coming out in Denver, CO March 2011, there are certainly some choices that got my attention and brought me to mark some dates on the calendar. No matter if someone is in need of a good chuckle, would like to get caught up in suspense - or simply to see a classic story, there appear to be choices in March that are worth checking out.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules - Have you ever been terribly embarrassed from self-created blunders or otherwise massively humiliating circumstances? Well, it's time to feel better - the central character of this movie (Greg) experiences moments that go beyond anything I would have ever dreamed of, and puts my own life's embarrassing moments to shame. This movie follows the story line of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" that has become quite popular among older kids and "tweens," and appears to be one of the most amusing films of the year. Definitely worth a trip to the theater, whether you are a youngster or an adult.  (Coming March 25th, 2011) Find local theaters for this movie

Rango - Starring Johnny Depp (playing the voice of an animated gecko) who brags a bit too much and finds himself having to live up to his stories. This looks like a good theater pick as well, if someone is up for a good laugh or is a Johnny Depp fan.  (Coming March 4th, 2011)  Find local theaters for this movie

The Adjustment Bureau - Starring Matt Damon, this film appears to have an interesting and unique plot twist: The Adjustment Bureau is a special group of individuals (but not really "people") who put things back in place when someone strays from some sort of "grand plan." Take this idea and apply it to a man who is about to win a senatorial election and it looks like we have a movie that will hold movie-goers' interests.  (Coming March 4th, 2011)  Find local theaters for this movie

Apollo 18 - This movie also has an interesting plot, and simply from the storyline it is quite promising: Missing footage from a trip to the moon reveals factual evidence of
extraterrestrial life. The available information on this movie at this point is rather limited, but for those who enjoy movies with an "alien" theme or a good Sci-Fi movie it looks like this will be a good pick.  (Coming March 4th, 2011) Find local theaters for this movie

Mars Needs Moms - This animated movie appears to be ramping up for some large crowds - it is going to be available in 3D and IMAX 3D as well as regular theater viewing. The story is basically about beings living on Mars that are in serious need of mothers due to their unruly behavior. One of my favorite actresses will be playing the role of a mother (Joan Cusack) and the lead role is played by Seth Green.  (Coming March 11th, 2011)  Find local theaters for this movie

Jane Eyre - Starring Mia Wasikowska, this Romantic Drama is based on the Classic novel of the same name. While I personally am more of a fan of "laugh till your tummy hurts" type of movies, this story sparks an interest simply because it appears to be very real and thoughtful in nature, basically about a woman who works as a governess for a wealthy man.  (Coming March 11th, 2011)  Find local theaters for this movie

The Lincoln Lawyer - Starring Matthew McConaughey, this movie looks like it will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The central theme is based on a lawyer who works from the back of his Lincoln Town Car while representing an important client in Beverly Hills. It seems from the trailer that there are some twists and turns in the plot such as the lawyer questioning the validity of his client's story and in general appears to be quite a suspenseful and interesting movie.  (Coming March 18th, 2011)  Find local theaters for this movie

For anyone who is searching for movies coming out in Denver, CO in March 2011, the list above will likely point you to at least one film that will be worth a trip to the theater.

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