Movies Coming Out in Denver, CO - February 2011 Picks

There are quite a number of movies coming out in Denver, CO February 2011, some of them appear to be more promising than others.  It seems that there are some good choices for just about anyone of any age this month, ranging from Romantic Comedies to some Horror flicks that would bring someone’s hair up on the back of their neck just thinking about the story.

Below are some picks of movies for February of 2011:

The Roommate (Release date Friday, February 4th):  The Roommate is a Thriller starring Leighton Meester as a rather unstable girl going to college who becomes obsessed with her roommate.  Apparently the story line is comparable to Single White Female which came out (to the best of my memory) about 10 years ago.

Justin Beaber: Never Say Never 3D (Release date Friday, February 11th):  One might guess at what this movie is all about simply from its name.  Justin Beaber rose to the level of stardom from his beginnings as a street performer.  From what I have seen of Mr. Beaber in the movie trailer and from other resources, he is a charming and unpretentious young man who is sending out a message in this film – Never give up on your dream.  (A worthwhile message!)  My guess is that this movie will sell out pretty quickly once it is released so it may be a good idea to purchase tickets ahead of time online.  Rating:  G.  Find local Denver theaters for this movie.

Gnomeo and Juliet (Release date Friday, February 11th):  This is a cute and animated rendition of the “Romeo and Juliet” story, with the characters as garden gnomes.  A rather amusing concept in itself, and the movie seems to be rather amusing as well based on what I viewed in the trailer.  This movie is Rated G, is showing in 3D and would be a good choice for children to see.  Find this movie in local Denver theaters

Just Go With It (Release date Friday, February 11th):  Just about all that I need to know about this movie is who is starring in it – Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.  Being a fan of both of these actors this would definitely be a movie I would personally go to – it is a romantic comedy with the central theme being based around a “fib” that is told by the character Adam Sandler plays, which gets blown up and a bit out of control.  This movie is Rated PG-13.  Find this movie in local Denver theaters

Poetry (Release date Friday, February 11th):  This movie – while it may not be a huge box office hit in the US – is nevertheless probably my favorite on the list of movies coming out in February, 2010.  The story is about a woman who is nearing the end of her life, and takes some steps to make her life more meaningful.  Based on what I have seen of this movie and read about it, it is one of the more thought provoking and touching movies to be released so far this year.  Poetry is a foreign film with American English sub-titles - NR rating.  Find this movie in local Denver theaters

Drive Angry 3D (Release date Friday, February 25th):  This movie stars Nicolas Cage and looks like it stands out among the rest for Action Thriller movies this month.  The story is based on a man (Mr. Cage) who actually rises from hell to handle a wrong that has been done to his daughter.  If you are looking for a good (but graphic) Thriller this month, this one might be a good choice.  Rating - R.  Find this movie in local Denver theaters

While there are quite a few other movies coming out in February 2011, the above list contains the films that caught my attention as some of the potentially most popular or quality films for the month.

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