Movie Theaters in Aurora, CO - Choices of Movies and Theaters in Aurora, Colorado

You can find quite a number of choices when it comes to where to locate movie theaters in Aurora, CO - and if a person furthermore looks into adjacent regions the number of choices becomes even greater

Even though you have quite a few selections, the ones nearest towards the center of Aurora which in addition provide online ticketing for convenience can bring the options down somewhat - here they are:

AMC Southlands 16 in Aurora - The Southlands 16 Theater is quite large, supplying some nice options for movies Aurora, Colorado. While some complain about the high prices, others say that they compare with other large theaters - which one should plan to pay if looking for a theater with quality-grade seating, sound and picture.

Century Aurora 16 Theater - While the reviews on this theater are mixed, generally they're good. The main positive point appears to be the rates of the tickets, and senior citizens are given a nice discount as well. Other negative points mentioned in past reviews include the quality of the picture and sound in one or more of the theaters.

AMC Arapahoe Crossing Theater - While I was not able to find as many reviews for this theater as compared to others, those I read were good - and I agree with them. This is a nice cinema with good seating and standard prices - and generally speaking is a great experience for watching any of a number of movie selections.

There are additional possibilities with regards to theaters for movie theaters in Aurora, CO, even so the preceding appear to have the best points of online ticketing movie theaters in the area.

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