Movie Theaters in Centennial, CO - Choices of Cinemas in the Centennial, Colorado Vicinity

Since Centennial is a rather new add-on to the Denver, CO region, it can be a tad tricky to find movie theaters in Centennial, CO. Internet directories tend to have preceding area addresses - which is also true with motion picture site entries.

This point makes it interesting to attempt to find a theater or nearly anything that has the name "Centennial" in the address of an establishment. For this particular reason, it may additionally be a bit tricky to look specifically for movies in Centennial - at least that has the city name within its address.

By looking into not just theaters specially named to be inside the Centennial limits along with by range and zip codes, here are the top picks of theaters that I came up with - each of them having internet ticketing accessibility:

UA Greenwood Plaza 12 - This theater is rather large, having pretty much every present movie released into theaters in both standard format and 3D where available. Two other major “plus points” seem to include the size of individual theaters and the comfortable seating.

AMC Arapahoe Crossing 16 - This is a theater that I can personally vouch for. I have been there a number of times for various films and each time has been a pleasure. My only (minor) complaint would be the fact it is almost always a little packed - but that is generally for peak movie times and is to be expected for a good theater. The sound in the theaters is quite good, the seating is comfy and in addition they provide online ticketing which could be looked at an important point with this particular theater since they could easily sell out when a popular new movie is showing.

Hollywood Theaters Southglenn Stadium 14 - This theater gets some rave reviews on some rather surprising points. Apparently one can choose their seat ahead of time, and the food served within the theater is unusually good with more variety than other theaters. This is rather like getting dinner and a movie all in one location. The cost of tickets is a bit greater than other theaters, but based on the reviews that I studied, the extra price tag is worth it.

For all those living in or even close to the region, the above resources with regard to movie theaters in Centennial, CO are good bets.


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