Movie Theaters in Littleton, CO - Cinema Alternatives for Littleton, Colorado

It would be an erroneous statement to state that movies theaters in Littleton, CO are in lack. Actually, particularly in the Littleton city limits and immediately adjoining zones one can find a large number of theaters to choose from.

If seeking specifically for movie theaters in the Littleton, Colorado area, listed below are some good options to pick from:

Littleton, CO Elvis Cinemas - For those who are familiar with the Elvis theaters, they are a wonderful way to see movies in Littleton, CO (or anywhere else that they exist) for less of a cost. This theater is not fancy and there are no “giant screens” or other more elaborate characteristics that some other theaters have, but are fun to attend and can be a great pick for those who do no mind waiting until movies are out of the major theaters. (As a note, this really is a good place to take kids for some fun matinee movies.)

Bowles Crossing 12 in Littleton - The Bowles Crossing 12 theater is rather large (12 theaters) and recently remodeled and so the seating is more comfortable than in other theaters. It is known to have superb sound in all of the theaters inside. There is additionally apparently a club that attendees can join for the chain of theaters that enables people to see a movie two or three weeks into showing for a nicely discounted price.

Hollywood Theaters Southglenn Stadium 14 in Littleton - This theater has a number of great benefits, including reserved online seating and premiere seating with food service. It even offers a cheaper price . tag on Tuesdays ($5.00), and at all times discounts can be found on beverages. These benefits also come with no sacrifice in quality - the theater is new and quite attractive. On a study of reviews for this theater, the main “rave” appears to be in the reserved seating. Before you even enter the theater you know where you will be sitting, and there's not scrambling to find a place where you will enjoy the movie.

For all the theaters for movies in Littleton, CO, the above mentioned selections have a tendency to show up most often when it comes to positive reviews and all round acceptance.


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