Movie Theaters in Evergreen, CO

Specifically within the town boundaries, choices for movies theaters in Evergreen, CO are quite limited. Nonetheless there are more selections for movie theaters in nearby areas.

For those residing in, or traveling to the Evergreen area, here are a few picks for regional movie theaters:

Evergreen AMC Bergen Park 7 Theater - This Evergreen, Colorado theater is inside the city limits, located at Evergreen Parkway and Bergen Parkway. It is a good choice for people who do not enjoy big crowds, allowing somebody to have the ability to choose a seat to his or her liking. It is also a good choice for those who might be more choosy about the comfort of the seating - known to be quite comfortable. The AMC Bergen Park 7 allows for internet ticketing, which makes it easy to obtain a ticket to keep ahead of lines when popular movies come to the theater.

UA West Village Stadium 12 Theater in Lakewood - This theater is rather close to Evergreen, but is not within the city limits. I was not able to locate much information on this theater in terms of consumer reviews, and what I did find was negative regarding the upkeep of the theater and the comfort of the seating.

Golden UA Colorado Mills Stadium 16 Theater - While this theater is not located in the city boundaries of Evergreen, it's one of the closer cinemas to the area as an option. It has received positive reviews for its pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff, but there have been some negative comments made about the lack of matinee pricing and scheduling options for the movies. Overall, the reviews for this theater that I studied were positive. There are several theaters in this establishment, including a giant screen so the selections of movies are quite good.

If you are searching for a terrific experience for movies theaters in Evergreen, CO (or close to it), the initial two theaters for movies in Evergreen, CO the above list are probably your best bet - and we hope some adjustments can be made to help the experience at the third choice to allow for additional options to citizens and guests.  


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